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Lameness Locator®

The Lameness Locator® is a wireless computer-assisted motion analysis system used to objectively detect and evaluate lameness patterns in the horse. Using sensors non-invasively placed on the horse, body movement data is wirelessly transmitted to a computer for analysis and storage. Because the sensors sample motion at 200 times per second, they are more sensitive than the human eye, which samples at only 20-25 times per second.

The resulting Lameness Locator® analysis report can be used to help determine whether a lameness exists, which limb or limbs are involved, the severity of the lameness, and the phase of stride (impact, mid-stance, or push off) that the lameness is most severe.  This information can be used to help localize the lameness, guide further diagnostics and assess the response to therapy. 

The Lameness Locator® can be used at the farm or at the clinic. It can be used to assess your horse’s current status. It can be used to track your horse’s progress over time. It can become an important part of managing your equine athlete for peak performance as well as longevity.

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Lameness Locator® results showing a right front lameness (click picture to enlarge)